Lesson Time

Lessons are scheduled back to back, so extra time cannot be given if you are early or late. Please take care of all questions, etc, during your time slot to avoid cutting into the next student's time. Due to travel/traffic, start time may vary +/- 10 min. Lesson minutes include from when Melanie enters your home to when she leaves. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your lesson and do not contact Melanie, she will assume you are not attending and may leave.

Lesson Room
Only the teacher and student are permitted in the lesson room.
Please have a quiet room available where the student will not be distracted.

Melanie cannot be responsible for supervising any children before/after their lesson time. Another adult must be present in the home during lessons. Parents should make sure children are prepared to sit through an entire lesson without them and can listen and follow directions. Parents are expected to support their child's practice sessions at home.

Lessons are scheduled month-to-month (with exception of trial lesson). Students schedule lessons for the upcoming month online at least 3 days before the end of the month. (Students should schedule their Trial Lesson at least 3 days in advance). Scheduling preference is given to students who schedule a weekly lesson slot for the entire upoming calendar month. Lesson slots are NOT reserved for students until paid for.

After you schedule lessons, a PayPal invoice will be emailed to you (click View and Pay Invoice in the email). Review the invoice carefully. If you need to make any changes, please inform Melanie before your pay (once payment is received, you cannot change your lesson dates or times).


To reserve lessons slots, pay your invoice by the due date.
Payment for next month's lessons is due the last day of the current month (i.e. payment for Jan. lessons is due Dec. 31). Trial lesson payment is due 48 hrs in advance. Until paid for, slots are still open to other students! Pay by credit/debit card or PayPal account by clicking "Pay Invoice." Late payment will result in the loss of your lesson slots. No refunds or credits.

Student Cancellations

Once payment is received, students may NOT change or reschedule lesson dates/times (including Trial Lessons) for ANY reason. There are no makeup lessons or refunds if you cancel or are absent. If you need to cancel, please call/text Melanie. As a courtesy to Melanie and her other students, please cancel your lesson if you have a contagious illness (note: illness is not an exception to cancellation policy).

Teacher/Weather Cancellations
All lessons canceled by Melanie will be rescheduled. Occasionally, Melanie may ask a student to fill a gap in the schedule (due to student cancellations). Your cooperation and flexibility (if any) is appreciated! In the case of a declared snow emergency in your city (or if local schools have canceled afternoon/evening classes), students will be notified and have the option of rescheduling their lessons at no charge. Otherwise, cancellation policy is as stated above. Driveways and walkways to your house must be cleared of snow/ice so that Melanie can get to your front door safely (if this is not done, Melanie reserves the right to leave and the student will not have the option of rescheduling). If Melanie is not comfortable traveling she will reschedule lessons accordingly.

Studio Holidays /Closings
For studio holidays/closings, please visit the Home page. Please note that the studio is open during most local school vacation weeks (and during the Summer). If you do not plan on taking lessons during school vacation, please inform Melanie.


Parking must be available at your location, except in the case of homes in Boston/Beacon Hill. Student is responsible for any meter/garage fees.

Discontinuing Lessons
If you wish to discontinue lessons, notify Melanie. You will not be refunded for any lessons you already paid for. Melanie reserves the right to discontinue lessons at any time for any reason and will refund the student for any untaught lessons, except in cases where the student was dismissed from the studio due to failure to follow any studio policies.

Agreement To Terms
By scheduling and paying for lessons, you/the student agree to Maz Music Studio policies. Lesson policies are subject to change, and any changes will be posted here.

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